Our Story


Istanbul- Washington DC based studio that creates and curates products that combine style and function with focus on sustainability and zero waste. 


Made from the flax plant, which requires minimal fertilizers for growing and less pesticide control than cotton, Linen is one of the strongest fibres. It is also breathable, highly absorbent and takes natural dyes better than other plant fibers. 


Sustainability has become a way of life for many of us conscious consumers.  Growing number of people understand that each purchase they make has health, environmental, and social impacts. 


If you grow up spending the summers in the Mediterranean, it is unimaginable not to love linen and appreciate its simple yet utilitarian existence. Linen is our love and obsession, and we are very excited to share this love with you. 

We also think there has never been a better time to spend more time at home and spend time on yourself for yourself and create your own personal sanctuary with long lasting intentional products. 


Our goal is to educate our consumers about the benefits of sustainable fabrics, chemical free dyes, and zero waste products. We make products from natural fibers and like to experiment with natural dyes and earth pigments in our studio. We believe this forgotten knowledge and necessary awareness about the best practices will ultimately influence your purchases and as a result your lifestyle towards more quality and less "stuff". Especially considering the current events we have been experiencing we believe we all have to do our part to speed up the necessary shift towards more sustainable living with focus on the environment and people.