If you’re already here then you probably know the value of sleeping in sustainable natural fiber also known as linen bedding. Flax linen essentially reconnects us to simple and the most utilitarian natural beauty. It’s a unique experience. Linen is airy and pure, and you will feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  It is wrongfully marketed as luxurious products since Industrial Revolution ended its more widely used existence. We are very well aware that they might be considered luxurious because of its price tag, but I think they are investment pieces just like your TV, or your mattress or most of your furniture you use for a long time. You can apply the same mindset to a great linen bedding set.

Similarly, linen is the most sustainable and earth friendly option for everyone. You will love your linen pieces forever and can pass them to your children with lots of great memories. But if you are ever bothered by an unfortunate stain, we are here to take it back, give it a fresh new dye or upcyle it for you to create different products.  We also give you a 1 year warranty on all stitches, and we are here to fix and repair them locally and deliver them to your door.