Everything in the Universe is within you, ask all from yourself.
— Rumi

The Idea

We are an Istanbul-DC based studio that creates and curates modern artisanal accessories for the ultimate city dweller. Our jewelry is ethically made from sustainable materials. We support smaller artisans and craft makers while bringing unique, modern, and original accessories to the online market place. 



Accessories should be a symbol of style and spirit, not status, and always provide unique and special ways to express your true self. No outfit is complete without the perfect accessories. The options are limitless when you have the right pieces to add to even a minimalist wardrobe.

100% Handmade

While there is a noticeable movement to support small boutiques, independent designers, and local artists, the gap between low cost, bargain fashion and high end designer goods is significant. We still need more fine quality, well-designed, handmade products at affordable price points. Definition Studio helps to close that gap. Check back for more products!